Projects, Updates, and Aesthetics!

How is it already March?! I don’t know about you, but February seemed to fly by. Here’s what I’ve been up to!

What I’m Working On
I’ve been working with several clients this past month on a variety of things from bookmarks to aesthetics. I absolutely love the challenge of taking a book cover and creating products that compliment it while still including some of my own quirky taste.

I also launched my marketing and publicity services this month and am currently working with two books to get the word out to readers before release! (If you’re into fairies and dark circuses, check out the preorder campaign for Sarah Jean Horwitz’s The Crooked Castle, and if you’re into magical contemporary thrillers something fun is headed your way from Erin Cashman.)

It’s been fantastic getting to do this kind of work again. I was a digital marketing assistant at Big Honcho Media in New York City for a couple of years and I adored it; the creativity, the way every campaign was different, the constant presence of new title to brainstorm for. If that job had been located in Boston I’d be living my best life right now. But alas I’ve decided to make my own joy and thus my new services were born!

Here are a couple of the recent designs I’ve been working on. What do you think?


Festival Update
Planning for the Boston Teen Author Festival also kicked up a notch this past month. We now have nine team members and five board members (two of us cross over for a total of twelve). After the huge jump in attendance last year we decided it was time to expand to handle the growing demand of pulling everything off. We’re working hard on a lot of exciting things that we can’t wait to share with you! We’ve also received over 65 applications so far; I’m blown away! It’s so exciting to see that many people interested in joining us (and with a month still to go!) and I’m only freaking out a little bit by how many people we’re going to have to turn away. I always wish we can accept them all!

Do you follow the Boston Teen Author Festival? What would you want to see more of on our social media, in the newsletter, or at the festival?

What I Read
I only got through three books last month, but that’s okay because that was my minimum goal. I really enjoyed them all!

My first read was Arvin Ahmadi’s Down and Across. I adored the voice in this one and uncomfortably recognized some of myself in Scott’s search for grit. (I’m not a quitter, you’re a quitter…) But seeing him overcome his penchant for giving up his passions has inspired me to give another go on my writing goal. (See below for more info…)

I also listened to my very first audio book this month! I have absolutely horrible audio comprehension (and reading comprehension — I have to reread lines over and over) so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to absorb anything. But the narrator of The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Christina Moore, was absolutely fabulous and engaging with her character voices. I couldn’t wait to tune back in every morning and night! Now I’ve moved on to Inkheart which I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read. If you have suggestions for fun books with spectacular narrators, leave them below!

I finished off the month (with 1.5 hours to spare!) with The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. It took me awhile to get into it but by the end I was glued to the pages, flipping them again and again to see what happened next. I definitely have a type and I’m just hoping our power hungry heroine doesn’t hurt my precious prince in the next book…

What I Hope to Write
As I mentioned above I’ve been inspired to get gritty about writing! There’s a good chance this won’t last, but I’m very excited about my current project. I don’t want to give too much away for fear of giving my motivation away along with it (hey, we all have superstitions…) but here’s a novel aesthetic that I threw together. Can you guess what it’s about?? (You don’t get to play if you’re one of the few who already knows!)


How did your February go? What do you hope to get out of March?

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